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Adult Education Refund Policy

Student’s Obligation for Payment

Registration constitutes a financial contract between students and the school. Students are ultimately responsible for payment of all fees owed to the school (tuition, books, fees, & other related expenses) including instances where anticipated financial aid  becomes unavailable. If a balance is due to the school, the school has the right to cancel students’ registration, to withhold grades, transcripts, or certificates, and to refuse admittance to final exams/clinicals.

Refund Policy

Students will always be responsible for the payment for textbooks and fees that have been used or cannot be returned. If a student elects to drop a course, the student must notify the CTC Apprenticeship Coordinator. 

Refunds to students will be issued with or without the request of the student.

If a student elects to drop a course, the student must contact the CTC Apprenticeship Coordinator. If the request is made prior to the second class meeting, a full refund minus any expense to the CTC (background check fee, course supplies) will be issued. After the second meeting, a refund will not be issued. 

If CTC cancels a class, the student's deposit will be refunded in full.

Contact Information 

For additional information regarding payment information, please contact: 

CTC Director: Chad King

CTC Apprenticeship Coordinator: Brent Trankler