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Please enjoy a few snapshots of our experiences this year! Please forgive and overlook the ones that are not upright. I can’t get them to rotate. ;)

  • I had great helpers unpacking and organizing our new scrubs!!
  • We HAD to try them on......
  • We had a quick fashion show with some lovely models!!
  • I had the great priviledge to watch my first student from 2009 provide TB testing for a current student. ;)
  • If only wearing PPE was always this much fun!
  • Off we go to start our clinical hours and tour LaBonne Maison!
  • La Bonne Maison
  • We had a great time. ;) Just picture Amy standing between Ja'Kaiya and Londyn....
  • Third try is the charm!
  • Had an awesome
  • Twinning! Barbie Day! 🥰
  • First day at HACC!
  • First day at HACC!
  • Listening soooooo intently to Ms. Kate ;)
  • Great job! You gave it your all!

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