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Classroom Procedures and Rules

Digital Media

Class Procedures and Rules

Covid Codicil:

Masks need to be worn when social distancing is not possible.

Masks must cover mouth and nose.

No TV Studio or Control Room use will occur until the mask/social distancing requirements  are lifted.


-Be prepared each day for class by having everything required

-Enter quietly and sit at a classroom desk (not computer seats)

-Cell phones: You will be allowed to have a cell phone with you BUT it cannot be a distraction to you or any others. If so, I can take it away and you will deal with the administration on getting it back.

-Put your name, the date, and assignment title in the upper right hand corner of all papers


-No food and drink are allowed around computers or equipment

-No food and drink are allowed in the TV Studio

-Food and drink are allowed in the classroom only during a break time (see below)

-Bathroom and/or water breaks are not given except at our class break time

-Class will break at approximately 9:00 AM block and 1:45pm for PM block

-Break time is a privilege, not a right

-During break, walk quietly to bathroom, water fountain or vending machines

-During break, do not leave the “G” building

-During break, do your business quickly and get back to classroom (take break here)


-No one is allowed to use a computer unless a computer use agreement is on file

-No one is allowed to use a computer unless express permission is granted by Mr. Beydler


-No student is to be out of the classroom without permission and without signing out on the proper sign-out sheet

-Students must be qualified by passing a test before using the equipment


Needed for the class each day

-Paper for taking notes during lessons, taking quizzes, etc.

-Pencils or pens


TV Production requirements

-All TV students will participate in live sports broadcasts as part of their grade

-All TV students will participate in class/studio productions

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