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Welding Technology 2

Sikeston Career and Technology Center is a Certified AWS - Sense Program

- AWS QC11 Specification for Qualification and Certification of Level 2 - Advanced Welder

Course title:  Welding Technology II.............. CREDIT 3.0

Grade Eligible:  12 and Adult

Prerequisite:  Welding I 

Description:  This is an advanced course in Welding Technology and heavy supervised project related.  Advanced AWS API 1104 Pipe Weld Exams and Student Level Certification will be covered. The students will learn more advanced skills in Welding Technology and metal fabrication. The students will learn more advanced concepts on SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, Plasma CAM, material selection, print read/design, fit-ups, and fabrication. Students will prepare for a multitude of contest throughout the year and prepare for industry standard weld test exams.  Several plant tours will be taken so students can get a better insight into how the industry looks in a live world setting.  An American Welding Society Level 2 – Advanced Welding Certification is offered to motivated completers of this course.