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Kathy Grubbs


                  Welcome to my online classroom!


2023 is going to be a great year in Health Occupations! Please see my Lesson Plans page for daily assignments. Students have completed up to 48 clinical hours as of 12/22, more if attended bonus clinical offerings. Remember, each must have 100+ before testing in April. I have all clinical dates on the calendar, as I know them right now. Location might be TBD, unless stated.




CNA Renewal Changes/Updates: ALL CNAs must be registered with TMU and renew their license every two years.


CNA Renewals/Work Updates

NoteThe requirement to renew the CNA certification every 24 months is not a new regulation; however, the process to renew has been updated and a fee has been added.

When a CNA passes the final examination, the individual’s name is placed on the CNA active registry. For nurse aide certification to remain active, CNAs are required to submit documentation (e.g., pay stubs, W-2, letter from employer, etc.) of their work in nursing or nursing related services for at least one (1) day (e.g. eight (8) hours) within each twenty-four- (24-) consecutive month time-period. Documentation shall be submitted to the department approved third party test administrator and a fee will be assessed for each renewal.


  • If you are a CNA needing to renew your certification and work in a facility: Log into your profile in TMU and enter your employment under the employment tab, upload your documents for proof of 8 hours of work and then pay the required fee. After the fee is processed, you will show active on the registry.
  • If you are a CNA needing to renew your certification with out of state employment: Log into your profile and select “out of state employment” and send an email from your employer with name, date of birth, employment dates and hours worked to
  • If you are CNA working private duty: Log into your profile in TMU and select private duty from a drop down menu. You will need to process the payment then email the proof of work documents to missouri@hdmaster.comAfter work is confirmed, your certification will show active on the registry.
  • If you are a facility wanting to pay for multiple CNA’s renewal: You will need to fill out the form Employer Renewal Payment. If you have additional questions please email them at or call at 800-393-8664 and ask for the Missouri team.


I am so very thankful for my Lord, my family, my coworkers, and my awesome students!   #ThankfulSHSBulldogs



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