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Electronic Policy

CLASSROOM ELECTRONICS POLICY Cell phone policy: Cell phones are not allowed to be used during class, even during non-instructional time, unless given permission. Ipad policy: IPad’s are to be kept in your backpack during class unless they are being used for an in class assignment. During that time, you are not to me on social media, such as: TikTok, SnapChat, Instagram, etc… Earbud policy: Earbuds/AirPods are not allowed unless you are told you can listen to music while you are working. When allowed to use them, you can only have one earbud/airpod in so that you are always able to hear when someone is speaking to you or if an emergency situation arises. This rule is for the safety of everyone in the class. Consequences First offense: Student will be given a verbal warning. Second offense: Student will lose daily points and phone, IPad, and or Earbuds will be taken away for the remainder of class. Third offense: Phone, IPad, and/or Earbuds will be sent to the office for the remainder of the day. If the IPad is taken away and is needed for another class, it can be picked up at the end of class from the office. Fourth offense: Any of the above items will have to be turned in daily upon entering the class for the remainder of the school year and student will receive at minimum an office referral.