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  1. Remember to check course objectives, mailboxes, and emails daily.
  2. Reminder:  Unannounced/Pop quizzes cannot be made up. 
MedSurg I Respiratory 2/11/19 Begins

Chapters 18-21 will be included in this subject matter. There will be three unit exams, quizzes, and one case study. One unannounced pop quiz will be given over objectives 1-3 for Chapter 18. Students should access their student resources on the Point website prior to class. Course syllabus, objectives, and case studies list are available via this course website. Each chapter will have pre-lecture quizzes that are due in my mailbox by 8 am on the first day of each unit lecture unless otherwise instructed by the instructor. The quizzes will be available on this website under Medsurg Course Assignment Documents tab. Interactive quizzes are available on The Point website practice nclex style review questions for each chapter.